Who we are:

Caring & Sharing for 33 years…

An Overview of Senior Tamils’ Centre of Ontario….

Our committed Group of Tamil Seniors of Ontario in Canada, under the banner of Senior Tamils Centre of Ontario (STC) has come a long way over the past 33 years to engage in a wide range of activities to keep themselves healthy and active.

Though they have retired from their active working life, they are continuously being involved through the STC, in projects and activities benefiting them and the general public. And towards this, they are making use of the range of professional, vocational and other expertise’s, they have gained over their active period of life in Sri Lanka, Canada and other countries.
These engagements have turned them to be a galvanized, committed, interactive and cohesive group to work enthusiastically with team spirits on projects, benefiting the Community at large. Their travels as a group of STC members to a number of local and international destinations of tourist interests further consolidate these objectives.

Help to Save the Planet through coordinating, households and members of various communities and members of professionally based centers, beyond and within the STC boundaries and educating them on the negative effects of greenhouse and the part each could play to reverse this, is one of the STC major project.
Towards this, a three year project known as Clean Air Ambassadors (CAA) program has ben completed in March 2018. These initiatives are being continued currently on a moderated scale.
Expanding Awareness on Elderly Abuse including financial abuse is another STC project that was completed in the recent past. Educating the community youngsters on the values and rationale behind our centuries old Tamil Heritage and Culture through workshops is another completed project in March 2018. Through this specific Project named “Inter-generational cultural and skills exchange”, we have collaborated with our younger generation to develop an understanding and thus a respect to the values and expectation behind our heritage and culture. Projects of these natures are mostly funded by the Government and related agencies like, Ontario Trillium Foundation, New Horizon for Seniors-Government of Canada and carried out entirely by Volunteers within the STC.

Our members interact with Seniors, who are especially lonely and isolated, through frequent friendly visits to Long term Care Centers and other related institutions. Weekly Craft/Jewellery making classes at our centre, enhances, members skills to use their spare time in a more productive and meaningful manner. Educating through seminars, briefing and informative sessions at our weekly programs on the range of resources availability for seniors in the Country, helps them to source with ease and obtain the required supports from those providers for a more comfortable living.

Christmas, Deepawali-Festival of Lights, Tamil Heritage Day & Canada Day are our main inter, intra active functions, celebrated annually with the presence of distinguished dignitaries from all levels of our Government. All these activities and interactions bring us together to have a pleasant and healthy living and to integrate with among the other communities within our wonderful country, — CANADA.



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