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February 13, 2020

Today the 13th of February the day before the Valentine’s Day some of our senior Tamil ladies gave away caps and scarves knitted by them using their time effort and money to those needy who had come to 5 N2 KITCHEN @ 4301 Kingston Road. The recipients in-fact were so happy to receive the free gift. Thank you dear ladies. It is so benevolent of you to do such an endeavour. Keep up the good works ladies.




February 02, 2020 – Sunday




January 24, 2020 – Friday




December 15, 2019 : Xmas Event

October 27, 2019: Deepavali 


July 01, 2019: CANADA Day

Canada Day


Recently our prime minister sent out a message that he wants to ban single use plastics to reduce pollution. What can be more polluting than polythene milk bags. We STC members had found means of putting to use these milk bags by making Matt’s and pillows. By last November we had reused two tons which now reached 2 1/2 tons. Who said seniors are spent force. STC is very conscious of our future..

Save the planet



On 29th of May 2019 the members of STC of Ontario for the fifth year planted trees in an open area in a park, helping reforestation. This year our members planted around fifty trees small and big.

Tree planting by STC


Clothes to Kilinochi

Appreciation from the client





On 4th of May 2019, the Senior Tamil Centre of Ontario organized a health seminar, covering various subjects pertaining to senior’s health. Toronto North Support services joined us to collaborate with International Medical Health Organization to do this seminar. People from various groups joined and benefitted.


Health Forum May 2019




February 04, 2019
The Senior Tamils Centre of Ontario moves to the new tech world. Robotech a technology which we may call the hybrid of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics. Mathusoothanan came up with a Makers Group to be organized among our members. The enthusiasm among the members was great. Thank you Mathu Annan for your efforts. Your enthusiasm is electric and all participants are enjoying. STC has expanded into a new venture with the formation of Makers Group. Age is no barrier to learn new things and face new challenges. Now our grand kids can come to us for guidance




Tamil Heritage – January 2019


Ponkal Vizha






























Xmas 2018





























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